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Gratitude Page

It has been a long journey, and I would not be where I am today without the love and support of so many friends, collectors & my family.  It only seems right to reach out and say thank you to those who mean so much to me and have contributed their time, creativity and friendship.

To my brother Ron - I could not have been more blessed than to have you in my life and learn from your confidence.  Your ever-positive attitude and encouragement lifted me up when I was too tired or moody.  You were (and always will be) my boss-man, reminding me of my talents and the importance of sharing them.  If it weren't for your guidance, I would not have ventured out on my own.  My life is more meaningful because you were my brother, my friend, my confidant.  I'll meet you in the back left corner of Heaven - save me a seat.

To my Dad - I think of you every day and miss you beyond words.  You are always in my heart and by my side. There is a part of you that goes into every painting that pours out of my soul.  Could you imagine that when you took your favorite picture of me, that the little girl would grow up to turn your photos into paintings?  We make a great team.

To my Mom - You are my hero and my biggest fan.  Like, ever.  If it weren't for your unwavering support, I would not have had the courage to search and find what I was put here to do.  There is a huge part of you that pours into every painting I create.  It's been difficult to envision what my world will be like without you, and I spend lots of time remembering the joy on your face when I showed you a new painting.  You will always be the power behind my motivation.  Words can't describe how much I miss you.

To Leslie "Neighbor" - I have painted you more than anyone because you have been such a beautiful, stellar model!  Thank you for always being there, for being so willing, and for being so instrumental in building my confidence.  I'd be lost without you.

To Tribal Moon Belly Dance and Persephone Dance Company - watching you perform stirred in me the feminine goddess that is the source of my creativity.  These amazing ladies are physical manifestations of divinity; together, your ageless beauty and magical dance along with your spiritual inspiration nurture my soul. You will forever be my muses.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kathy Stahlman, Natalia Chang, Casey Cleve, Shawn Ryan & Stephanie Kelly.

To my models - Most of my models have been my friends - I am so lucky to hang out with such a large group of beautiful people!  Thank you for suffering through - Kimie Gamma, Celeste Zanoni, Natalja (Natalie) Sabour, Katie Hull, Cortney Claiborne-Davis and Pam Alexander.

I'd like to give a shout out to Black Lotus Clothing, a.k.a. Christina Molcillo for her mind-blowing fashions and set designs.  It's simply a privilege to be able to immortalize your creations and your visions.  Thank you goes to her models as well:  Wenchi, Roezi Rebel, NagaSita

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